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Hi everybody,

many of you may not know that I am one of the creators and promoters of a geoblogging platform called Meipi. In the past I have written about meipi; for example in 2010 I wrote a post to convey my enthusiasm for the new open source code of meipi.

Meipi is getting ready to a further step, a fundamental and crucial one. In the next few weeks from the Meipi Team we have important decisions to make and we need your opinion.

Meipi was born on 2007 thanks to a small subvention of Madrid municipality. During all this time the platform was updated and curated by the same 6 volunteers which founded it,thanks to the users feedback (like some of you of course).

Over the last seven years we couldn’t improve it a lot due to a lack of time and funds. Together with others 7370 users, you have been a very important dot on the Meipi maps.

Lately Meipi is facing some compatibility problems with the new API versioning by Google Maps (Google establishes some rules for the users of a service).

We are taking advantages of the situation to reorganize us. In the near future we want to solve technical problems, but on a long term we need to rethink about Meipi evolution and the sustainability and stability of such a project.

This is why I am asking for your contribution.

We would like to know what you think about Meipi and above all whether you are available to help us and how. Ideas and suggestions are very welcome.

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Do you have another idea to help Meipi? 

Tell us your idea!

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