VOLUMES : Coworking and Glocal Community of Interdisciplinary Designers

VOLUMES: are you working or coworking?

This a great slogan from a new project taking place in Paris. Actually is another project I’m developing with my friend Francesco Cingolani and other partners!

VOLUMES will be one of the largest coworking in Europe, a new collaborative space in Paris founded by a community of transdisciplinary designers; a coworking space including a collaborative kitchen and a digital fabrication workshop.

Located in the 19th district, VOLUMES is in the heart of the Mouzaia quarter in Paris.

I’m really proud to be a collaborator of this project. My mission is promoting a glocal community. Yes, exactly a GLOCAL= LOCAL + GLOBAL. So that I would like you to follow @weVOLUMES on twitter and volumesparis en Facebook. 

As you can see on the image below, the space is huge, so that this coworking wants to be a great reference at international level. We understand that nowadays a space has a huge value, but his community is essential. We also know that the community is not just formed by people using the space but by all people around the world making business and projects with them; actually bigger and glocal is that community, better are the professional opportunities for all his members. So come with us!

web: http://volumesparis.org

Here some pictures to take a look at it!

You are more than invited at the Inauguration party, taking place on 23rd of January. Just confirm your participation here. > http://po.st/volumesparis

Here some videos to let you discover more about de VOLUMES feeling…

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