Newsletter: Request for proposals and collaboration!

In August, I launched a new version of my newsletter. I asked subscribers an enhanced interaction and feedback. I’m happy because the new format was a clear success. I have received many comments and suggestions and a very positive feedback.

From now on, my personal newsletter will have a new approach and a new format. The objective is ​​being closer and promote more direct dialogue with all the subscribers. I think this is the true value of a communication by email.

I will send a message every month (only in special cases I will send two). Each message will be full of surprises and interesting information which I am sure the subscribers are going to enjoy.

What I am looking for is more interaction! Each mail will be a message that subscribers can respond with a thought, a question or a proposal related to what I have written.

Get involved!

I would like to enrich the newsletter with news from the subscribers: texts, pictures and videos. I consider the subscribers (almost 2000) as a community formed by interesting people distributed in many cities and countries. This aim of this new format is to strengthen this community.

I hope this way the newsletter may serve to know interesting people and hopefully promote synergies and collaborations. So every month I will post a small presentation text of some subscribers. The first Special Guest was Jonathan Reyes >

Help me to improve!

I appreciate reviews, recommendations and tips to enhance these mails. On the other hand I am open to collaborations. I mean if you have an idea to introduce a new section and want to take care of it, do not hesitate to propose.

If you want you can point out interesting articles and videos. Send me a mail (urbanohumano @ gmail com) or a tweet with hashtag #uhplus or simply quoting a @urbanohumano.

For now I decided to not publish on the web the content of the newsletter, so the only way to access to it is by subscribing. I think this way we could create a more intimate relationship.

You can subscribe here:

In mid-September I will send a new message with new surprises such as a gift related with my new project.

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