Fab City Hub Voices with Tessa Moroder | Lottozero

As you know, one of my projects is Volumes, an agency promoting positive impact ecosystems. Among other things, thanks to the European Centrinno programme, we are supporting the activation of 9 creative and productive hubs in 9 European cities. In the context of this project we have also activated a programme of online meetings that we have called: Fab City Hub Voices

Meet the founders of the most remarkable Creative and Productive Hubs in Europe.

A series of webinars to learn about the challenges involved in activating such projects, but also to understand all the opportunities they open up for the local innovation ecosystem.

Tessa Moroder, together with her sister Arianna, is the founder of Lottozero / textile laboratories, a center for textile design, art and culture with an open lab for textile production, experimentation and research, in Prato Italy. After graduating in economics, statistics and social sciences, at Bocconi University in Milan, she worked as a business consultant in various sectors (automotive, wine, television) and then worked as the CFO of a cultural communications company.

Lottozero is a center for textile design, art and culture based in Prato, Italy. It operates both as a consultancy studio and as a creative hub, divided into a gallery/exhibition area, a shared studio space/coworking and an open fab-lab for textile production, experimentation and research. Lottozero’s work is aimed at designers, artists, brands and institutions, providing personalized services and resources to anyone concerned with the world of textiles, textile art and fashion.

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