1PHD – 101quotes | Will you help me finish my PhD?

In 2006 I started a PhD in town planning at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I finished the first cycle of courses in 2009 a paper that has been downloaded 15,000 times and started to develop my doctoral thesis.

I have been working on it for over 10 years and I am running out of time!
December 16th is my last possible deadline!

I need your help. I do need your help!
The content is there, however I lack the references.

I have found 101 statements that need to be supported by a quote or a reference. 
I don’t think I could do it alone in such a short time.

Will you help me find them?

The thesis is focused on the processes of collective intelligence. Why not activate a process of collective intelligence to finish it?

Why not transform a problem into an opportunity?

So I launch this challenge. An experiment that could allow me to achieve what I would find difficult to achieve on my own, generating knowledge and an open methodology that could be useful for more people. 

How does it work?

I have published 101 statements in a public document. Here is the link.

Each statement has a number. If you want to help, just choose one of the statements and add a comment. You can do this directly in the document, by sending an email or through the social networks by referring to the exact number of the quote. 

To facilitate the process I have divided the 101 statements into 7 categories.
Every day I will publish the statements of one category.

I will do it in my blog, in my newsletter, social networks!

I will also organize some working sessions in videoconference. They will be short sessions of one hour, one for each of the 7 categories. If you want to participate, please fill in this form.

This is all.
If perhaps this is not your field of action or research, I hope that at least soon I will be able to share the methodology of this action so that it can be useful to be applied in another context. I also thank you if you pass this message to other people who you think can help me.

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